Public Humiliation and Forced Bi

I have a slave who calls, his name is fido. Normally I would not write about him, at least not yet, but he’s begging me to.

fido asked why I write about sissies so much, and if I wanted him to be a sissy, a slave, or the doggie that he is. Then, he barked! So what does he think … in fact, he’s all three but doesn’t realize it, typical man. He’s my slave, crawling around in pink panties on all fours, like a little sissy bitch, fetching my morning newspaper and licking my feet like a doggie. He barks, a lot, and whimpers, and eats my scraps. He does more, too, embarrassing things, but has begged me to leave all that out of the post. He doesn’t want to be humiliated in public.

Should I write about it anyway? Leave a comment to let me know  Because I really don’t like being begged to write about something and then begged again to leave out the best parts.

In other news, I’m amazed at how many cuckolds are around these days. Soooo many men call and tell me their slut wife is out f**king their best friend, and they’re waiting at home to clean her, or if not married, then their whore girlfriend only sees them once a week when they take her shopping, and all the other nights she’s with other guys and doesn’t care who knows. They’re just so willing to share their ongoing small penis humiliation. And they crave forced bi from their women, forced cocksucking, because they haven’t the guts to do it on their own.

Spineless wimps, every one of them. Women always have to be the strong ones. Women rule the world.


3 comments to Public Humiliation and Forced Bi

  • Mitch

    “Man made the cars to take us over the road
    Man made the trains to carry heavy loads
    Man made electric light to take us out of the dark
    Man made the boat for the water , like Noah made the ark

    This is a man’s, a man’s, a man’s world
    But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl. ”
    –James Brown

  • bryant

    I’m curious, it would give me ideas for my queen.. I’ll have her post a message back with a reaction on what you said you did with fido that was humiliating, and what she liked me doing…

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