I’m All Thawed Out

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Hey! Now that the shitake winter is over, I’m all thawed out and back to posting a bit more. WOOHOO! Try not to jump out of your skin, you’ll need it to jerk off ;)

What has Tease Princess been up to? Well, those of you lucky enough to have phone sex with me on a regular basis already know the answer: A whole lot of naughty! I had a fabulous winter, except the cold and snow sucked. And spring has been a true gas so far.

To celebrate, I recently bought myself an adorable little convertible sports car and have been whipping around the east coast in it. I loooove my new car, it’s fire engine red with a white top and white leather seats. Two door, of course. Just enough room for me and my little sissy bitch cuckold Justin. Remember him? He says hello.

So, I’m thinking of making a post or so a week, maybe more here and there. If there’s anything you would like to know about, please comment. I prefer comments over emails, as they help my site’s SEO and stuff. So please be sure to direct ALL your blog feedback here.

I know I have a lot of readers, and some of you may have heard I can be, um, a challenge as a longterm phone sex mistress. Yes, it’s true, I’m a little picky, there’s a whole blog post coming up later about that. Basically if you respect me, and my time, you can call me whenever I’m around. I absolutely ADORE my regular phone sex callers, whether longtime or new. I treat them like gold, and in return they are wonderful to me. That’s the club you should strive to get into.

I guess that’s it for now. Kisses xoxoxo


My Last Phone Sex Blog Post

teaseprincess.com 800-356-6169

WHAT?!?! I knew that title would get your attention. I’m just messing with you, as I sooooo love to do. You have to admit, that was pretty funny :P

So, I want to know – what has been your favorite phone sex call with me ever? I mean, in all the days, weeks, months or years we have been playing together … which phone call with me stands out the most in your mind?

I have a few that I think about again and again. Without naming names, to keep the mystery, of course.

Phone Sex with Batman Stroker

Pete loves to hang upside down and stroke his cock for me. Oh, and he wears a batman cape while he does so. YES! Hahahhaaa I have never mentioned him before because he likes privacy but he did give me the ok to tell you how he strokes. It’s a hoot!

Trailer Trash Humiliates Himself for Princess

Trailer Trash, as he calls himself, loves me to make fun of his lack of education (he knows of my degrees). He finished one year of high school and then went to work at a factory. Four years later, when his friends were all in college, Trailer Trash was sneaking around sucking cock and wearing panties because, he said, it made him feel like he was contributing to the happiness of others. Mainly to me, when he tells me his stories.

Your Name Here

There are more, but for now and because I love to tease, I’ll leave you with this – wouldn’t you like to see YOUR name here? *chuckle*


Tiny Tim Goes Wild!

teaseprincess.com 800-356-6169

teaseprincess.com 800-356-6169

Well, Tiny Tim is really getting raunchy. I just love a man who humiliates himself for my amusement. And Tiny is ready to do whatever it takes to take care of his Princess Melanie and make me laugh.

Tiny Graces His Princess with More Gifts

So, he read his blog post from the other day and loved it so much he sent me a very generous Amazon gift card.Tiny knows his gifts make me so happy! It’s really the thought that means the most to me, the dollar amount does not matter. But, he very generous :)

Before We Continue, a Promise from Tiny

So then he called. It was another multi-hour phone sex call – oh, he wanted me to tell you other callers that he is sorry for pulling me away from you this way. He said if you comment here in this post, he will apologize to you personally and tell you how much his calls with me mean to him. He doesn’t want you to be upset, or go through Melanie withdrawals.

Tiny Sucks a Big Cock for His Date

Anyway, during this call Tiny confessed his most humiliating sex acts to me, all done for the amusement of beautiful women. He said I can share all his stories with you, but I think for now I’ll share just one tidbit -Tiny and a lady he was dating were at a restaurant, and he not only somehow wiggled out of his boxers underneath the table but then he found a way to let the male waitperson … a true dominant … know what he had done. He then followed him into the back of the kitchen and sucked his cock while the waiter recorded the video on his phone.

Oh, there’s more to this story … to come soon!


New Years Cuckolding

Empress Melanie · http://www.teaseprincess.com · 800-601-6975Happy New Year. Do you know what makes ME happy? Cuckolding. And I know it makes you happy too.

I had a great big party New Years Eve and created four brand new cock-sucking cuckolds for 2015. Four! These were “average” guys before I bestowed my wicked ways onto them …

Party Guests Arrive

Everyone piled in looking sexy and ready. But ready for what, they did not know. We had about 30 women and hmm five men, four of them escorting his lady. The fifth man was my cuckie Justin.

All the guys were required to strip down. We didn’t even have to ask. They just did it, took off all their clothing and we handed out pink frilly panties for them to wear, brand new, with 2015 written in glitter across the ass. They seemed to like that as they twirled in the mirrors.

Let the Games Begin

Well, I didn’t mention the special houseguests from the college down the road. or should I say the fraternity. A few graduating guys, 22-year-old hot pieces of meat, sauntered over to the house and appeared in the party room. Surprising the dudes in panties, of course.

You can imagine what happened next.

The Aftermath of Cuckolding

I know I’m so evil for skipping over the good parts, but you strokers know how to get details out of me ;) Let’s just say four very happy new cuckolds left the house around 3am with their freshly-fucked ladies. And the frat guys, well, they were pretty worn out from all that cumming.

Use your imagination, naughty …. :)


Introducing the New Tiny Tim!

Scanned from a period postcard. Reverse says “Printed in Saxony.” No notice of publisher, date, or any copyright. Indistinct postmark appears to be 1911.

Wow! Did you ever think I would have more than one teeny tiny Tim calling me? I didn’t, but lo and behold a new Tim is on the scene! I’m not sure how to distinguish between the two here on my blog. My brand new Tim pleaded to be called by his real name. He loves humiliation. Ok then …

New Tiny Tim is So Generous

Well, new Tim started off purchasing items on my Amazon wishlist, even before our first call. He said it was an overdue thank you, as he had heard and read such fun things from me. Wow! So sweet! New Tim’s generosity made my month :)

His Phone Sex Fantasy is Such Fun

Oh, don’t you just love multi-hour calls? With the right person, they can be fantastic! This was the case with new Tim. He is so smart, and submissive, with a wonderfully self-effacing view of the world. It’s sweet as pie to humiliate him and make him squirm. And squirm he did, like a little cock sucker, as I mercilessly teased him. He even said he would become a sissy for his new Mistress if it would please me. Awwwww!

He Pledged Unwavering Loyalty

Well, my longtime callers know that I would never try to restrict you. You can speak with and do whatever you like when we are not on a call together. As long as you protect yourself, I support your phone sex and lifestyle choices. However, after just one four-hour call with new Tiny Tim he swore he would never speak with another Mistress again.

Whatever … :)