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So stroker, do you know about Tumblr? If you’ve noticed, I have had fewer posts here on my blog, which I do adore with all my heart and will always post to for as long as I’m here. But I’ve decided to keep these teaseprincess posts informative and meaty and to move my flirty, more impulsive thoughts over to …. wait for it … Tumblr! That’s my blog over there, so click that link.

What I love most about my Tumblr blog is that I can post to it multiple times a day with hot pictures and add stuff from other LDW mistresses and sexy sites around the web. It’s visual, just like you are, so I do post lots of pictures there. Audios are popular there, too. You may even see some new ones from me.

Cuckolds, sissies, tiny-dick strokers, exhibitionists, fantasy lovers and whatever else you may like, you can find it there. Pictures of it, audios, just go see for yourself. The picture above is from my Tumblr, isn’t it nice? Don’t bother answering, I know it is. There’s more to come too, exclusive to my Tumblr blog, so I suggest you take that hand off your dick for a few minutes and check it out.

And in case you’re wondering, I do love to punish my sissies, when they deserve it. Which isn’t often, but is oh so delicious. We all have a heck of a good time. Especially when she screams and cries and begs me to keep going.

Again, here is my Tumblr blog:  See you there.


Cloning a Phone Sex Mistress

By Brittkitts (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Today I have decided to address a specific type of call I sometimes receive – the abandoned caller seeking a new phone sex Mistress, yanno, just like his prior one.

“I spoke with so-and-so for months/years/centuries and then she disappeared/stopped talking to me/ate brownies. I’m looking for someone who says this exactly this way and does that exactly that way. I’ve been disappointed with every other LDW Mistress since so-and-so and am hoping you are finally the one.”

Sound familiar? Well, sorry to break this to you sweetie, but your disappointment lies with you and no one else. The cloning industry may reproduce a toad to exact specifications, but, at least currently, it cannot xerox a Mistress.

Every individual is unique. While several Mistresses may excel in the same sexy phone fetish, no two conduct it the exact same way. Nor should they. So when you begin a relationship by tossing another woman in her face, a woman she likely never spoke with or had a call with, and telling her you want her to be a carbon copy or she will disappoint, you (and only you) have set yourself up for certain failure.

Why not be flexible? Open to a fresh approach? It’s ok to miss your prior Mistress, it’s even kind of sweet and shows your caring character. Missing her is as far as it should go.

You know the saying – the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new.

So I want you to make me a promise. Right now, stop searching for some nonexistent duplicate. Instead, call a Mistress who appeals to you and tell her your interests. Don’t even mention any other woman you’ve spoken with, not on the first date anyway. Just relax and let her take the reigns … then see what happens next.

Let me know how it goes.


Titillating Tuesday with the Tease Princess

Princess Melanie 800-601-6975

Hello, happy Titillating Tuesday. Did you have a nice weekend? I wished I was at a nude beach on Sunday. But nooooooo, it was too chilly out.

That’s ok, I’ll forgive this summer for being so short. It means, after all, that your phone sex Tease Princess spends more time with you. No matter how little or how long it’s been since we spoke, when I hear your voice on the phone it makes me smile from nipple to nipple. Especially when you speak in that low, mischievous voice and I know with every tingle of my body that you are as excited as I am.

So, with the cooler weather, do your fantasies change? Mine do, they become deeper, more intense. I crave less quick fun in the sun and more of a close, more intimate sexual experience. Something and someone I can sink my teeth into, and who can sink himself into me. My fantasies take on color, and scent – the scent of cinnamon, patchouli, chocolate. Our time together moves indoors, into a room with wine-colored walls and wood trim. With a big king-size bed, crisp white sheets, a thick soft comforter.

And we make love, right? Wrong *giggle*. This is me, after all. Your wicked Princess, with a wild and free imagination. I let you become vulnerable, so I can have my way with you. Within limits, of course … bringing you to new heights, and depths, worshiping our bodies and exploring together in ways you never thought you would.

This, to me, is autumn. So get ready :)


TGIF! Fun Weekend

“Revolution kalendar”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Hello, sexies! Guess what, the weather in the East has been chilly lately, soooooo your favorite Mistress will be around a bit this summer weekend. Yes that’s right! I’ll be here for phone sex, cock stroking, cuckold calls, sissy calls, sensual domination … all that fun stuff and more.

When will I be here? Probably tomorrow (Saturday) morning and perhaps Sunday morning, too!

If you can contain your excitement, why not contain your hand from your penis and save yourself for me, k?

Play with you soon … hehehe


My Fetish is Perfectly Normal, Right?

“Chocolate cupcakes with cream icing and red sprinkles” by David Trawin – originally posted to Flickr as Cupcakes. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Okay okay, here is the post that my caller “Benny” has been begging me to write, because he wants to be sure his fetish is perfectly normal. He calls me all the time asking and pleading pleeeeeaaaassseeee Melanie, please write a blog about me. I do not know why he is so eager, I tell him not to worry, that his urges are natural and that every guy has them. But he still feels insecure.

You see, Benny likes to look at naked girls online. He doesn’t just look though, he likes to fantasize about an entire detailed romance with women in the pictures he ogles. We discuss it, every move and sigh and stroke and thrust. So wonderful! And then, the best part is that Benny has incredible stamina and holdout even when he furiously strokes his cock. He held out for two weeks before cumming, most recently, even with a daily assignment to look at women’s pictures and fantasize and stroke. Two whole weeks!

Congratulations are in order, don’t you think?

Benny’s favorite girl to look at has no nude pics online. And no, it’s not me, can you imagine! Shes’ actually a well-known actress, and so he skulks around on her personal website, scrolling through her pictures while he imagines making love with her. Hey, it could happen, and in the meantime all this is normal for a male to do.

So what do you think, dear reader? Is Benny’s fetish perfectly normal? Would any straight, masturbating male stroke and edge and cum to naked pictures of women? Do you???

I hope you like your blog post, Benny :)