Accidental Phone Sex

By LadyofHats (did it myself.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

My First Phone Sex Call

Sometimes, in a nostalgic moment, I think back to my first-ever phone sex call. Not here at the wonderful Enchantrix Empire. My first call was while I was at college, a different time and place. My phone rang, I picked it up and said some nasty, filthy things. I heard sighs, heaves, moans, *click*. And that was that. My cherry was popped. I was pretty sure something of his had popped, too.

Thinking back, I do hope that was an intentional phone sex caller, and not a wrong number. Because a few weeks later, the latter happened. I was on a few committees at school, and in a sorority. I often received “business” calls regarding these endeavors, but usually not late at night when logged in for phone sex calls.

Except once.

Oops, Wrong Number

It was about 10pm and the phone rang. I answered “Hello, this is Melanie,” and the caller said “Hi” with some hesitation. A shy guy, I thought. How endearing! “Hello sweetie, what are you wearing?” I asked. He proceeded to tell me, and I proceeded to order him to get naked, which he did.

About 15 minutes later, he hung up with a loud moan. “That was fun,” I thought. I love when a caller lets me lead him, and sighs in wonder the entire time. I had a few more calls that evening and went to bed happy, thinking of the fun my cuckold, sissy, and straight-laced callers had that night.

The Morning After

The next morning, my first class was Spanish, taught by a graduate student who was on a committee with me. Do you know what happened? Can you guess? Yup … after class he approached me and said “That was so hot last night.”

WTF! Turns out, my Spanish professor was accidentally my first phone sex caller of the night. He was only calling to add an agenda item to that week’s meeting, and got a whole lot more than he bargained for. OOPS!

Needless to say, I heard from him regularly after that for even the smallest committee matters. But he was never so lucky again :)

Do you remember your first phone sex call? Tell us about it!


Cock Stroking at the Office

By Own work by Donmike10 (talk).Donmike10 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Happy Monday! I feel like I’m always cheering about days of the week, but they do have an effect on us, don’t they.

Monday Means Freedom from the Wife

For example, if you are in an intimate relationship then Monday holds a special kind of freedom and sadness for you. Sadness because you may miss your significant other after spending the weekend together. And freedom because, well, let’s face it, relationships can be stifling. Isn’t it nice to get away to the office?

When I joined the wonderful Enchantrix Empire some years back, I was amazed at how many men called during weekdays from the office. I had always thought nights and weekends would be the busiest time, and they are, but a lot of men do call me between 9am and 5pm, from their desks at work. More privacy, perhaps, and the urge to stroke your cock is strong.

Caught Stroking at the Office

Sometimes I even hear someone come into my caller’s office, and speak to them in the background. That’s always so funny, because I have to wonder how many “girlfriend calls” (that were really phone sex calls) I walked in on while working in an office. Perhaps even some occurring with my sexy Mistress colleagues right here!

Monday can also hold a special place for those of you alone. Maybe you were lonely all weekend, or maybe you had to be somewhere you didn’t want to be. Here it is Monday, and if you are an office worker this is your out.

It’s Risky to Call from Your Desk

So, why are you still reading? Pick up that office phone and make your phone sex call … don’t worry, the cleaning folks will wipe it down tonight :)

I’ll muse another time on you shift workers, because those strokers have kinks all their own.


The Extreme Humiliation of Little Willie 800-356-6169I have a phone sex caller named Little Willie. Not his real name of course. Little Willie calls me for extreme humiliation. I mean, not sensual or particularly sexy, although when sexy comes naturally as it does with me, you really cannot escape it. Haha! I mean, he loves blatant, brutal, extremely mean and wicked humiliation. My favorite kind!

Please Blog About Me, Mistress!

Little Willie called me recently and, of course, begged me to blog about him. And then we flew into his fantasy. You see, of course he has a penis the size of a mini eraser head. And that’s on a good day. This little nibby looks giant next to his pea brain, which he uses to try to understand what I’m saying when I point out his many flaws. All in the interest of helping him, of course.

Hardcore Cock Sucker

Okay, you say that happens sometimes. Guys can be small in more ways than one. No big deal and not worth abusing him about. Well, it turns out that Little Willie is not only lacking a penis and a brain, he is also a hardcore cocksucking faggot, and not the good kind. Nope. This waste of breath and resources, as we so generously refer to him, is a cocksucker of the ultimate kind. Calling in sick to work so he can run around and suck on strangers’ cocks.

Ew. Fucking disgusting.

Total Fucking Loser

There’s more. He stammers a lot, which I usually find endearing because it means a person is trying to say something substantial. But when Little Willie finally spits his words out, they are meaningless and pathetic and only serve to shrink his pea brain even more.

I could go on and on. But, why? You get the idea. I’m not going to waste my time anymore on him. Feel free to comment about how sad he is, and how pissed off it makes you that someone like this takes up space in the world.

The end :)


Time Out Friday Phone Sex 800-356-6169Well I had a fun day yesterday getting my hair done and some holiday shopping, so it’s a good time for a time out general phone sex post. Oh, and I really missed you cuties yesterday, so much! You know how I say you are addicted to me? Truth is, I may be addicted to you, too :) Don’t get too excited. I’ll deny it if you ever ask! *spank*

Winter Erotic Audios

So I was thinking of making some winter and holiday erotic audios. And, I’m taking requests. I am also taking requests for winter blog posts, since you slutties seem to loooove seeing posts about yourselves here. I really cannot believe the feedback you give me about that – via phone calls, emails, IMs, messenger pigeons. The more “caller posts” I write, the more you want.

Why is that?

Sexy Suggestions Welcome

So please leave your requests here in the comments. All my blog comments are moderated, so if you do not want your comment publicly posted just tell me in the comment and I’ll keep it private and take your suggestion into consideration. There are some guidelines: must be PG-rated, not too detailed or involved, no scripts as that is a custom audio for purchase. Only general topics and ideas will be considered, such as the outline of a fantasy you have (not detailed, but the outline) or an idea from a call we have had together.

Kinky Exploration

I’m looking for these ideas to be a starting point for further kinky exploration. I do receive requests from you for custom audios – this is not that. So keep it in your pants … for now … *chuckle*


Throwback Thursday with Padded Bra

A padded bra. By Chatama (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Hey sweeties! It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m not here today. I am getting my hair done and have some holiday errands to run after. Hope you will not miss me too much :)

Padded Bra Calls Phone Sex

However, I *was* here taking your hot phone sex calls on this day back in 2011. I made a short and sweet post that day and wanted to refer to it now. Because, I remember very well who my special naughty was. In fact, he and I just had a call a few days ago. We have been playing for years.

Padded Bra! You may know him from around these parts. Sweet, sexy, very married Padded Bra. He doesn’t try to top so much anymore, as the ladies he speaks with here at Enchantrix Empire have pretty much cajoled him into submission. It wasn’t me, but some other especially dominant Goddesses. And he has loved every moment of it. It used to be quite an effort to keep him submissive. Oh he would get ornery and cranky and demanding, probably up into a year or so ago. And then, one day … voila. Padded Bra was broken in.

His Fetish Evolution

What does this mean, you wonder? Well, it means that when he calls me I get to shove a dildo into his ass, laugh about how his wife never lets him cum in front of her, and then make him stroke and stroke his clitty and then STOP right before he ejaculates, pretty much ripping away any pleasure he might get from it. It means I get to hear him moan like a girl as he rubs, and begs. It means he is our bitch.

Mistresses, please feel free to add your stories of Padded Bra in the comments. And strokers, feel free to share your thoughts as well! (You too, Padded Bra … xoxo.)