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Faggie Rages On 800-356-6169My special caller, Faggie, was so excited to see his recent blog post that he begged me to update you all. Before I do, I want to address some emails you have sent in about Faggie and my post.

You are right, I *adore* my homosexual callers, and my sissies, and my sweet lil bitches. Muah muah muah!!! And yes, sometimes one of you will ask, and beg, to be humiliated here on my blog. I am more than happy to oblige and so happy that the rest of you enjoy reading it :)

Faggie isn’t a sissy, or a cross dresser. At all. Faggie looks like a regular guy, day in and day out. He masturbates, has girlfriends, male buddies, a job, a life …  and a secret. Because now, Faggie has a boyfriend, too!

He called me recently with his lover there and let me listen in on their sex. And then he called again the next afternoon. After lovemaking, Faggie and his boyfriend spooned and fell asleep together, and then spent most of the next day together. Kissing, hugging, more sex, more love. He called right after his man left, to fill me in.

I am so very happy for Faggie! I hope they get married so we can pick out his bridal dress together :) Do you think a little slut like him should wear white? Why not – I guess if some of these celebrities can, anyone can, right?

Let’s take some bets on how many times a week Faggie will suck his new love’s cock … I say four times a week, to start. How about you?


Addicted to Domination?  800-356-6169Are you addicted to domination? I don’t mean the severe, rough and tumble pain-causing stuff.

I mean sexy, sensual domination, Tease Princess style.

Ohhh it’s so wonderful, how a soft and beautiful woman like me can be so in control. I love control! It makes me juicy ;)

So what about you? Would you like to be dominated on a leather couch, like the one in my livingroom (see the picture at right). Although, of course, you won’t be in my livingroom, you will be on the phone. As will I, and I will be instructing you on making stickies on your own couch! Or perhaps you would like another kind of leather against your skin …

So how do you know if you’re addicted to domination. Do you crave it? Do you crave me? When you are alone at home, or with your significant other, do you find you are pining for something, your mind wandering, asking yourself “I wonder who Tease Princess is tormenting right now?”

Yep. You’ve got it bad. With your kind of addiction there is just one cure – a session with yours truly, on your couch and mine. I may not be around much, but when I am there is great demand for me. So you may want to check my schedule and align yours. And then get some towels ready.

Addiction is perceived as bad, because it means you are physically or psychologically dependent on something for your perceived well being. That describes it pretty well for you, doesn’t it …

Mmmmm … I do love the way leather feels … and you will, too ;)

Click here to LISTEN to this blog post!


Please Cuckold Me, Princess!  800-356-6169I hear this from some of you all the time – please cuckold me, Princess! So I thought a post just for you would be fun, since you all tell me I am the *best* Cuckolding Princess you have ever known. Awwww, that’s so sweet! But you still cannot release. Hehe.

I know what buttons to push with you because I live with a cuckold. He never was before we met, but now he is, and happily so. This is not pretend for me, I live cuckolding day in and day out. Those of you I speak with know the story. If we haven’t spoken yet then you’re missing out because as a REAL cuckolding princess I have a lot of hot stories to tell you about that you won’t find here in my blog.

If you truly wish to be cuckolded in real life, not just a cuckold fantasy, the first thing you need to do is find a partner. She can be a girlfriend or a wife, if you already have one all the better. Then gently start to introduce to her the idea that other men find her so hot. Tell her that excites you and imagining them together makes you happy. She may balk at first, but keep doing it here and there and watch what happens.

This is assuming of course your partner does not take the lead in cuckolding you. Many do, but you men don’t always pick up on it. Sometimes you have to be slapped in the face with it by walking in on your wife or girlfriend in bed with her lover, perhaps still wearing the panties you bought her for Valentine’s Day. Admit your secret, the thought of this happening makes you so hard.

There is an art to cuckolding, and I am the paint, the brush and the canvas.


Happy Friday from TeasePrincess 800-356-6169

Happy Friday! Don’t you just love the weekend? It’s my favorite time of the week :) Except, of course, that you’re not in it with me.

I had an urgent request the other day from a fun and entertaining phone sex caller. I call him faggie, for reasons you can imagine. But now you don’t have to because I’ll tell you why. He really wants me to.

faggie has a girlfriend, of course, even though he craves cock. Not only does he crave it - he sucks it and gets fucked by it. It took faggie a while to admit this to me. At first he was all like “ohh I fantasize about it and it doesn’t mean I’m gay” blah blah you know the drill. Another cock fucker completely in denial. So for the first bunch of calls he begged me to make him suck cock and then he finally admitted he’s been FUCKED IN THE ASS, pounded like a nail. More than once, too. Like, a lot. So now he calls to tell me about it. And this is why he’s faggie.

Doesn’t it get old, boys? You love the cock. You need it in your mouth. And, eventually, you will beg for it to pound your ass. Harder. Harder! So why deny it anymore?

Since we’ll be apart this weekend, I would like you to do me a favor. Be honest with yourself. Does your mouth feel empty? Does your ass lack something? Don’t be like faggie, trying to hide it. Trying to come off like a real man. Truly examine yourself and then let me know what it is you crave.

Okay then, see you Monday!


Freaky Friday Fantasy Flashback

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975Hello! It’s freaky Friday flashback fantasy day, so I thought a visit with some notable callers from 2010, and an update on them, would be fun. I still speak with all three of these callers, which is notable in itself since I “met” them when my schedule centered around nights. They are truly special to me, and I hope my sweeties appreciate their flashback :)

Decadent Dan looooves to play sex games. He has for years, and at one point Dan had amassed enough toys to open a store. But then, ohhh but then, Dan met a woman and married her. Really quick, like in the span of a year. I was concerned at first – how would she react to his toy addiction? I didn’t need to worry, however. He has never, ever shared it with her. Dan’s beautiful wife knows him as regular Dan, a hard working man with vanilla sexual tastes. To this day, he saves his sexual kink for me :)

Hairy Harry is still very hairy. Last summer he went away for two months and decided to get waxed beforehand. I was on the phone with him while he was at the spa, and three waxing specialists worked on him for a total of two hours. When they were finished, every inch of Dan was smooth like brand new skin. Even his head, because funny enough Dan is bald up there. Apparently, his spa session used up every bit of wax and every strip at the place, so they had plucking-only status until a new shipment came in. Hairy Harry then enjoyed an itchy summer, full of masturbation marathons and orgies. By the time he returned home from his fun, he was even hairier than before. Except, of course, on his head.

And then there is Tim … my dear Tim. There have been several posts about him over the years on this blog, using different names. He is still my dear Tim, and has a birthday coming up soon, too! We had a short time in there when I thought tiny-dick Tim was no longer with us, I mean no longer living. That’s a story unto itself, perhaps for another time. But yep, he’s still plugging along (waves to Tim) and his calls are completely nonsexual, always.

Have a naughty weekend! Look for me tomorrow. xo