Sissy Dresses Up in Holiday Best

By Slut Jennifer Ann for reposting from South Wiltshire, UK (Red panties down-01) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hello, sissy! Don’t you look so very pretty! All dressed up for the holiday party.

Sissy Wants A Best Girlfriend

What’s that? You want to know if we can go together? Well, missy, we can go together but don’t think you are going to shake that ass of yours better than I do. And while we’re at it, you should know those double-d tits of yours do NOT outshine my elegant c’s.

Oh no, slutty one. In fact, let me take my nice sharp scissor and make a longer slit in your blouse. Let’s show off more of your fake cleavage, shall we? Ah, why am I asking you, LOL, as if you know more about fashion than me, a REAL girl.

Let’s Sexy Sissy Up a Bit

There you go … nice and low. Now, turn around and bend over. I want to see how far up your skirt rides. Hmmmm, we cannot quite see those panties, you cocksucking slut. Every pantywaist should provide a little eye candy when she bends over. At the very least, a little giggle material for me and my girlfriends would be nice. You owe us at least that much, since you try to copy everything about us!

Okay, now we’re looking better. Come here and let’s squirt some more of this dollar store perfume on you. What’s it called? Chanel on the Cheap. Ah, just like you :) And how about a little more lipstick. No no, sissy, not that tube! That’s my GOOD lipstick. Let’s try this strawberry-flavored toy tube on you. Smile wide, show those big yellows!

She’s Looking Nice and Trampy Now

Looks like you are all ready now, sissy. Let’s go to the party! There are some really hot guys there for me to cuckold my husband with. Walking in with you will make ME look ten times more gorgeous and classy than I already am ;)


Cuckold Assplay Festival 800-356-6169Hi Cuckie! Is this your dream cum true, or what? A holiday present from your favorite Tease Princess?!

Why yes, yes it is … it’s a cuckold assplay festival!

Time for a Cuckold Party

A cuckold party, woohoo! I have lots of parties around the holidays. And at this party you, sweet cuckold, are the main attraction. First, I’ll introduce you to my girlfriends. There are four of us altogether, one for each bedroom. And then, I’ll introduce you to our boyfriends.

That’s the best part! These guys are tall, beefy, and H-O-T. Oh, and young, as a true fuck stud should be.

Your Cock Sucking Talents are Honed

You see, each woman joins her man in a bedroom, and then you get on your knees and do your job. Yes I realize not every cuckold sucks cock, but for this holiday party you certainly do! And you will like it.

Afterward, you sit and watch as my sexy girlfriend gets it on with her guy. More details when we talk, of course. That’s when the good stuff happens. For now, use your imagination.

Ass Play is Your Reward

So where’s the ass play, you ask? Well, the cuckold who sucks the best gets his ass played with by all us ladies. We have a camera in each room recording your progress, and then us ladies get together to rate you. Yanno, like the Olympics.

If you win, you get to lay on the bed while we each have our way with you. With your ass, really.

Let’s talk about the details, shall we? :)


Jerking Off in the Snow


By Lori Hurley (originally posted to Flickr as Gingerbread House) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hey, strokers! Christmas is in just nine days, can you believe it? I love this time of year!

Winter Masturbation Fun

I had a call the other day from a dick wanker who told me he loves this time of year too, because he jerks off in the snow. What?! I could not believe what he was telling me. Isn’t that dangerous? Wouldn’t his penis freeze? But he insisted, yes, he gets naked, goes into his (private) backyard, rolls around in the snow and then jerks off.

Where Does He Cum?

Crazy, right? Well that’s not the best part. Our stroking snowman doesn’t cum in the snow. Ohhhh no, that would be too easy and, perhaps, even normal *giggle*. His fetish is much more extreme. He takes a jar and packs it with snow, and then goes back inside and cums into the jar, on top of the snow. Then he puts it into the freezer and waits.

What is He Waiting For?

This incessant cock stroker actually saves up his jars of snow and cum all winter long. Yes, seriously. He buys mason jars by the case for just this purpose. And, of course he gets so very excited with each snowfall.

When spring arrives, he takes the jars out and lets them thaw in the yard, and then he dumps them onto the grass. He says he loves that his winter jizz becomes part of his yard. It gives him a hard on when he mows! You should hear what we do on calls in the spring …

Kind of makes you see lawns in a whole new light, doesn’t it?


TeasePrincess on Twitter

You know, I used to think all this Twitter stuff was a bunch of nonsense. Type here, post there. What in the world could be sexy about THAT?!

Coming Around to Twitter

And then one day some sexy girlfriends and I got together to talk about it, and I realized it’s a way for me to get an instant message to my cock strokers. I think it’s ridiculous to post every little thought, yanno like the celebs do. OMG as if we care! I just want to watch the movie or TV show, I con’t care about the actor’s political views!

Anyway, I could go on and on about that, but here’s my Twitter handle: tweetinghottie. I would like you to add me to your account, because I do update there about my schedule and other important things you need to know.

What are My Tweets About?

All my tweets are related to sex and my phone sex business. Nothing is off topic, so you don’t have to worry about hearing my personal views on what bill the president has or has not signed.

If you want a sneak peek at my sexy phone sex Twitter feed, check out the black box at the right ——>

Twitter Helps Your Cock Stroking

You chronic masturbators have already confessed to me, over and over, that I’m your very favorite phone sex girl at your very favorite phone sex company. So don’t you want a fair chance at reaching me? Especially since I’m usually always on a call when logged in, and I’m planning to cut back my schedule even more, moving to appointment-only (don’t cry, LMAO).

I’ll keep Twitter updated … hope to see you there :)


The Dildo Spinner 800-356-6169THE WHAT?? you ask. The dildo spinner, silly!

WTF is a Dildo Spinner

A dildo spinner is, you know, a guy who sticks and spins. He pushes a dildo deep into his ass and then spins around on it. Yes, they’re out there, and they call yours truly (as does everyone) :)

The first time I spoke with a dildo spinner, I was shocked. Shocked! Doesn’t it hurt, I wondered. How can he get it far enough in? How does he manage to spin on the thing?

A Master Spinner

A true dildo spinner rigs up handles he suspends from while he spins, so he can control how deep the cock penetrates him and better control the speed and intensity of his spinning. I advise this method to any dildo spinner who calls me, but only a handful of them use this technique. The rest, well, they stick a prick inside, jerk their cock, grind around and hope for the best.

The Benefits of Dildo Spinning

If you are not a dildo spinner yet, you surely are awaiting the point of all this. So ask yourself this – what’s the point of ANY sex play? For your penis to get hard, stay hard, and shoot! You men just come up with all kinds of wacky ways to do it. I’m always entertained.

Listen, do not attempt this if you haven’t done it yet. Dildo spinning is a risky technique that can get you speared. Not safe to try on your own! Maybe start on your hands and knees, stick the dick in and spin it around, instead of you doing the spinning. Most importantly: STAY SAFE!