Bye Bye June

Melanie (207)

Hi there! I have a quandary and thought maybe you could help a TeasePrincess out.

You see, today is the last day of June. Bye bye June!

So What, Who Cares About June?

I’m going to tell you right now why June matters. I have a caller named … Nick, yes, that’s a good fake name. Nick (hehe) has been in chastity for, oh, three months now. And our deal was, it comes off at the end of June.

To answer your question, Nick cares about June!

So? Bye June. Who Cares About Nick!

Ugh! I really need some new pictures. Perhaps some of my tight curvy ass and perky pink tits, to distract you from all the questions.

You don’t have to care about Nick, but aren’t you happy that he’s getting released from his chastity cage? Especially those of you who haven’t even made it a week with it on. You know who you are.

(Speaking of which, I’m starting a blog series soon about my Missy Mannyhose, a very special sissy who loves to wear dresses. That’s not her real name, it’s a fake one, to protect her identity. Should work, right? Hi Missy!)

Stroke It, Baby

Now that the cage is off, Nick can stroke his cock like a real man. Or, like he’s trying to be one. Unless we take a vote here to extend Nick’s chastity. Should we say bye bye June, or hello August?

What do you think, August 31? Remember, he can’t wear swim trunks with it on …

This is my quandary. Let me know. Bye June!


Sunday Phone Sex 800-356-6169Hello! It’s Sunday and did you know that I’m planning to take phone sex calls?


Sunday Phone Sex Treat

As you know, summer is my time to play. A lot. So I miss some weekdays with you sexy strokers. Yesterday even with the cloudy skies I was running all around having fun at the waterpark, and then I went to the movies, all with no top on! The car, that is :)

So today I’m sunburned again and ready to sit around in the air conditioning and get naughty. And YOU, dear cock wanker, get to benefit from that. I’m feeling especially frisky today. Just have to get some things done (rinse my bathing suit, make a salad) and then I am planning to be here.

Why Sex on Sunday?

I’m actually skipping church this morning, because I just can’t go there, be a good girl and then come home and be naughty with you. It’s your fault I’m a sinner today, so I hope you make good use of it. Strap on play, perhaps?

Want your nuts cracked? Metaphorically, in a strict and loving way, of course. How about a good edging, with some fun denial at the end right before we hang up? I would love to leave you stranded all day with a hard throbbing cock. Unable to do anything about it because your small window of privacy has passed.

Hahahahha don’t you just LOVE Sunday phone sex!

Get Ready for TeasePrincess

So go get ready for me to be here. Stroke a little (a little!), sing a little, check for my green button here every three minutes or so. if you’re lucky, you will see it.

Unless I change my mind …


Strict Mistress 800-356-6169

Sensual or strict? They are definitely separate things, and those of you who have spoken with me KNOW that I am strict. To you, it seems sensual equals submissive, and I am anything BUT that *wink*

Characteristics of a Strict Mistress

Strict means firm. A strict Mistress can also be sexy, as am I. A strict Mistress takes no bull, from anyone. Doesn’t matter who. Just like me. A strict Mistress takes no prisoners. Instead, she creates her very own in any manner she pleases … chastity, restraints, ball gags. Whatever suits her fancy.

Can a strict Mistress also be a Princess? Oh yes, she can be. But she’s most definitely a Queen :)

You Crave a Strict Mistress

You can put yourself completely in the hands of your strict Mistress. TeasePrincess (that’s me) is one of the most strict you will encounter.

What happens if you piss off a strict Mistress? Well, why don’t you try me and see? I’m in the mood for a good you know what today … and I don’t mean f**k. Unless, of course, you’re the one getting it.

Is Strict Mistress Mean?

Is your strict Mistress necessarily mean? No, she can also be kind. I happen to be mean, with very little kindness. Even when I try, which let’s face it I really don’t care to.

But hey, mean can be fun and so addicting! Just ask any one of my many devoted callers … they will tell you how they crave my edge. They suffer for it, too. Oh yeah. It’s my favorite thing to do.

Kisses xoxoxo


Take a Tour with the Enchantrixes! 800-356-6169

Did you know you can take a tour of the Enchantrix Empire? The gorgeous Miss Cecilia leads the tours. Here is her link for scheduling.

Tour Information

Welcome! As you may have seen or heard, LDW/Enchantrix is a vast network of websites and entertainment for you to discover. That’s why we now have a free tour we offer through Mistress Cecilia! She will answer any questions you may have, and get to know what your interests are. Through your erotic interests, she will show you everything LDW has to offer through certain points and stops on the tour.

Join her for this tour/ social hour with other Mistresses, and community members at different hours of the week at

Joining in on the Tour

Sometimes additional Mistresses join in on the tours. When I am able to I will let you know here. But don’t wait for me, go ahead and take a tour as soon as you can. The Enchantrix Empire has SO MUCH to offer you. You will be amazed! We are so much more than just hot steamy femdom phone sex.

Tour Fantasies

Speaking of which, imagine a phone sex fantasy where you go on tour, perhaps with your favorite rock group. If you’re a sissy, then you are dressed in your frilly best. If you’re a cuckold, then everyone on the tour is fucking your woman except for you. If you are a chronic stroker, then you have to hide at the back of the tour bus to call us and jack off, while everyone else is partying upfront.

When you take the tour, let me know about all the new things you discovered!


Crazy Phone Sex Fetish Play


I’ve been part of some crazy phone sex fetish fantasies. Domination, bratty Princess, cock sucking and sissy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Those fantasies are tame compared to some you have described to me.

Crazy Phone Sex Fetish #1

I think the wildest phone sex fetish I’ve ever heard involves a fantasy world of giantess women who grow mini men in their gardens. Depending on how much seeding and water, the giant women determine how large or small the mini mens’ penises are. Every year there is a contest in town where the giant women display their mini men.

You might think those with the biggest penises win, but noooooo. Each mini man has to perform a series of stunts that of course include sucking on carrots and celery and pleasing their giantess. The panel of judges votes for the winner.

At this point, my caller exploded. Go figure! I love when they surprise me like that.

Crazy Phone Sex Fetish #2

Well, it really is a tie for number one. I’ll let you decide. In this fetish, my caller’s penis was shaped like an airplane. His balls were the wings. He was actually able to detach the airplane, I mean his penis, and let it take off on the runway, which was his thigh.

However, because he forgot to shave, his penis got caught on some leg hair and crashed down into his ass. Yes, I’m serious. It was all I could do not to fall into uncontrollable giggles. Well, the wings, I mean his balls, dove into his ass first, followed by the airplane, which fucked him like a big dildo. I felt so sorry for the passengers in that plane.

There have been more. Perhaps I’ll get into them again some time. For now, have fun laughing!