Memorial Day Phone Sex 800-356-6169So I had a wild Memorial Day weekend. First, I want to say thank you to all the veterans. It’s because of you and those who have passed that people like me can enjoy life in this country and have a great time. It’s also why so many Europeans call us for femme domme phone sex. Ours is the best!

So, this weekend I hosted a party in my yard and on the deck. Well, Justin hosted it, I just had fun. About 30 people showed up, including some neighbors which freaked me out. They are always invited but never show up because, I think, they sometimes hear my calls through my open windows. I do try to remember to close them all when the phone rings, but that’s not always possible. Oops.

Anyway, there were men and women, all adults, in bathing suits enjoying the pool and grill. That was the outside party. Inside was an entirely different story … remember, we were all adults. How many of the guys do you think wore panties instead of a bathing suit? How many begged us women to dominate them?

Can you guess what went on? Come on, take a good guess. You know me 😉 Let’s just say we put the hardened hot dog rolls to good use. Five points if you can describe how in the comments.

The party went on for about 15 hours. I even took some phone sex calls while it was going on. In private, of course. I dominated some sweet cock suckers and teased some cuckolds. If you were one of them, could you hear anything in the background?

Let me know how your weekend was, and if you’ve ever attended a bash like this one. Kisses xoxo



Find Your Perfect Mistress 800-356-6169Hello you sexy hornets :) I know that you see the title of this blog post and think to yourself Oh, I’ve already found my Perfect Mistress right here, and I’m reading her blog! And I hope you know how flattered that makes me. Not too flattered to spank your slutty tush, but almost …

That said, this next part is mostly meant for those of you who have not called me yet. Sometimes you just are not sure if I’m the one for you, or who might be. That’s why here at Enchantrix Empire there is a wonderful website called My Perfect Mistress.

Yes, you read that right! Go click the link to see it. There you will find a pre-call phone sex questionnaire asking you all sorts of things, some of which you may never even have thought of. Answer everything and then submit (my favorite thing for you to do, by the way) your form and watch what happens.

So, what happens? Your form goes to Live Help, the cock concierges who then find your perfect lady. Well, I’m wise enough to know nothing in life is perfect, but they will get pretty close.

And then you call her and get your rocks off in a whole new way. Doesn’t that sound completely awesome!

I think you should fill out the form now, not when you’re horny and needing an immediate call. It’s kind of like grocery shopping while you’re full, instead of hungry. Or, hmmmm, thinking like a man, it’s like car shopping while your current car still runs great.

See? Okay, so go do it. You regular callers of mine can too, and then let me know who is recommended to you. I’d love to know :) By the way, even if you already know I am your Perfect Mistress, odds are you’ll be recommended a new woman. That’s how all this works. I still want you to call me anyway *chuckle*

Kisses xoxoxo


Summer Schedule Update 800-356-6169Hello, sweeties. Well, it’s summer, and you know what that means – catch this Goddess when you can!

Next week, from Memorial Day on, I am not here much. Some family will be here from out of town and my private time will be somewhat limited.

The week after, the first week of June, I should be here every weekday except Friday for your fetish calls, and hopefully you will want some humiliation. During the week of June 8th I should be here regularly weekdays, and then for the rest of June things will be spotty, as I have some three-day weekends planned.

In July I have some wonderful vacations planned, sure to please your Mistress, so there again it’s catch me as you can. I’m not sure about August yet, I am in the planning stages and will keep you posted.

So there you have it. My summer of fun! Of course, fun always includes calls with you. Oh, if only I could take your calls while I’m swimming, at the beach, on the boat, or on an airplane. That sure would help things, wouldn’t it? But I’m not sure how those around me would react, hee hee :) We could always keep things platonic, and non sexual, but that’s no fun now, is it.

When you see me online and taking phone sex calls, grab me. That’s all I can advise. And if I am not around and you just cannot wait, call another lady from the site. Yes, of course! I’m not ever possessive, you know that. I love hearing about your other adventures *giggle*

Let’s all have a wonderful summer. It’s my absolutely favorite time of year.


The More Things Change …

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975Hello! I was clicking around the sites recently and came across this wonderful interview Ms Ally conducted with me back in 2010:

Clickie clickie

Isn’t it great? What really struck me was how similar my answers were back then to my recent interview with Ms Constance. I feel pretty much the same about things today as five years ago and approach all my bratty mistress phone sex calls in a similar way, too.

In other, especially awesome news, don’t forget! Tomorrow and Friday The Enchantrix Empire is offering all callers a free 10-minute phone sex call!


Click the banner for more details. Many of you have asked what my schedule is for the next two days. I do plan to be here at least one of the free call days. I’m not sure about both, as I’m going away this weekend and need a day for the spa, hair salon, nail salon, and so forth. All the things I do to myself to stay the most sexy and alluring cock tease ever. So it depends on when I can squeeze all that in.

Take the day off from work if you need to, but make sure to take advantage of your free 10-minute call!

And finally, a caller recently begged me to blog about him. Should I do it? Or should I make him suffer? Callers almost always ask me to include them here, but this guy said “Oh please Miss Melanie, I will be the best cuckold you have ever known if you just devote an entire blog post to me. It’s all I want from life!”

Is that sad? I think it’s sad. But this bitch’s whole life is pretty pathetic, so it’s certainly not surprising.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


New Mistress Interview and Free Calls

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975Hello! Here is some fun news: The beautiful Ms Constance of conducted a Mistress interview with me earlier this week, and it’s ready to go! You can hear it right here or click the play button below. Remember to use headphones when you press play.

Ms Constance did a wonderful job with the interview, and she is her usual sexxxy self. You regular callers of hers are very lucky!

Personally, I think I sound like a F-R-E-A-K, but when it gets right down to it that’s who I am. Your Tease Princess is a wild one and that sure does come through. And talk about the giggles, wow.

Listening to this interview, I understand what you mean when you say I have “lots of energy”. Um yeah, that’s one way of putting it. I’m like this all day, every day, and crash around 8pm or so, which is why you don’t see me around here at night. I’ve worn out quite a few callers and boyfriends and never knew why. This interview is a real eye opener.

So anyway, have a listen and let me know what you think. It’s about 40 minutes long.

In other news, the Enchantrix Empire has some exciting things coming up. FREE PHONE SEX CALLS. Yes, you read that right! Next Thursday and Friday, May 14 and 15, Ms Ally will be offering everyone a free 10 minute call. Everyone gets one! Provided you are of age, of course. You will be asked to prove this by providing your credit card number, but you will not be charged for your 10-minute call. It’s for age verification only.


You can find all the information here, or click the above banner. And yes, your nutty, cuckolding Tease Princess will be around at least one of those days, so line up boys and get ready for crazy phone sex fun!