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End of Week Phone Sex Round Up

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975TGIF phone sex round up! Thank Goddess It’s Friday. Especially since – guess what – I will be here a lot tomorrow, YES, a Saturday, to take your naughty fetish phone sex calls. This means that all of you who suffer all week because you cannot reach me (yanno, because you’re at work) have a good chance to taste Princess Melanie tomorrow.

Lucky you! And lucky me, too :)

This week was interesting. I was not here much, I’ve been playing hooky at the beach. No bikini accidents lately, thankfully. But when I was here taking your humiliation, cuckold, and sissy calls so many of you mentioned my blog and how you would like to be featured here. I am happy to oblige, the problem as I see it is I am a mean bitch and love to mock you. How can I mock a caller I adore?

In other news of the week, more of you are requesting a certain fetish – can you guess what it is? I am shocked by the naughtiness of this fetish. It’s stranger sex! Yes, many of you masturbating strokers seem to want to have sex with random sexy goddesses you see while out and about. Maybe it’s summer fever, we are all dressing skimpy this season. Tempting you, teasing you. And it’s working. What surprises me most is how your wife or girlfriend is usually right there, watching, and perhaps being mocked herself. I’m an advocate for women, but I must admit this amuses me. It’s just a fantasy, after all ;)

So, until tomorrow … hope you can catch me!


For the Sissies – Wigs Wigging Out

Kaede [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hello, sissies! With a few notable and glamorous exceptions (you know who you are), most of you must wear you hair short and mannish for your daily lives. So when your feminine urges overtake you, it’s time to pull out that wig.

And is it not a pain in the ass? Wigs suck to wear. They look pretty but feel worse than having a rat’s nest plopped on your head with the buggers scurrying around in it. Even the best ones feel hot and heavy.

Poor sissy. You will never be a real girl no matter how hard you try. But you do try, you little slut. Humiliation slut.

Sometimes when I am training a new sissy, I have her strut around with a bird on top of her wig. Hopefully it flip flops and hangs down the side, that’s a real riot! I love to receive pictures of that as a thank you. Wig-wearing sissies should always have more than one wig, by the way. Preferably in several colors – blonde, brunette, red, platinum, and black. Maybe pink, too, for those extra-girly times. An item on your dress should match your wig color perfectly. And you should always, always wear a wig when girlied up, even if you are just flitting around in panties. Especially then. You would not want Mistress to ignore you, would you?

So sissy, why not grab your thickest wig right now and plop it on your head. You know, out of respect for your Miss Melanie and my efforts to guide you in your girly ways. Ah, now doesn’t that feel itchy, and hot, and good? Are you uncomfortable yet? Yes, that’s right. Now you know you are a proper girl.


The Cuckold and the Virgin, Concluded

This Saturday morning post is the final post for now about Tim the cuckold. When we last visited his story, Tim had just made his virgin wife, Julie, and her guest, Cul, some martinis. As he brought them to the living room he heard a noise, a moaning, something deep and animalistic that he had never heard before, and it sounded like it was coming from Julie!

Can you guess what happened next?

Tim blacked out, spilling martinis all over his face, so he’s not sure. This makes me want to spank his pansy ass so hard with my paddle! “You cannot remember anything?” I asked him. “Are you kidding me? What in the world made you faint, ya little masturbating bitch?” And then I stopped myself before I became an extreme brat.

He said the scene on the couch was more than he could take. Julie was on her hands and knees with her skirt pulled up and Cul had his penis deep inside of her, grunting and thrusting. “Well, which hole?” I asked, really getting annoyed about his lack of detail. “Uh, I don’t know. I’m sure she could not take that big angry thing in either one, my sweet wife. Cul must have made her do it!”

Ugh ugh ugh! Tim always does this kind of thing to me, makes me want to shake him out of denial. I didn’t push anymore because it’s easy to make him cry. But he was desperate for me to tell you the rest of the story and he wanted to add that Julie is still a sweet virgin, he’s sure of it, even though they have had some pathetic attempts at sex and then Cul made her do things with him she did not want to do. In fact, Tim tells me, Julie meets with Cul three times a week now at a nearby hotel Tim pays for, for “work reasons.” And she always comes home disheveled.

Tim will be reading this post. Is there anything you want to tell him?


Too Much Summer Phone Sex Fun

By Dani Tic (originally posted to Flickr as Hvar-2009166) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Is it possible to have too much summer phone sex fun? You naughties have been so, um, active (giggle) lately and stroke for me nonstop that I have hardly been able to get to the beach! But, I’m not complaining, there is no better way to spend hot days than teasing and denying and having fun with you.

Tim the cuckold is itching for me to post the rest of his story. How long do you think I should make him wait? You see, I don’t only tease on the phone … right here is the perfect place to indulge my wicked ways, too. So I’ll post a poll at the end of this post, to see what you all think we should put poor Tim through.

I had a very interesting request from one of you recently – you wanted to be on the phone with me while I’m at the gym, so you can hear me panting. I don’t really pant at the gym, as I’m in great shape. But I do get sticky and wet all over, and sometimes a little breathless. Especially on the upper thigh machine, it’s my favorite. Oh, and usually I do not wear panties beneath my shorts. So I always have to wipe down the machine when done ;)

Okay, your assignment for today is to take the poll below and decide on cuckold Tim’s fate. Does he get to see the rest of his story here on, or should we make him beg? Maybe his wife should post the rest? Ohhhh that would be fun!


Audio: Commando Humiliation

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975

Hey naughties! What is commando humiliation?

Clickie to listen and find out

I just love humiliating you strokers, and wankers, and pindick pullers.