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Hump Day Halloween Week 800-356-6169

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How many of you sissies are dressing as women this Halloween? Raise your moisturized, manicured hands … ready, go! Hmmmm almost all of you are. As if I didn’t know *chuckle*

Well this post is for you, sissies, and for you cuckolds, and humiliation sluts, and strokers. Because it’s hump day, always the hardest day in the week to push through. I love hump day because I can put my high-heeled foot on your ass, dig it in and PUSH. Haha!

Hump day is one of my busiest phone sex days here at TeasePrincess. The weekend horny has cum and gone, the weekend is still days away, and you are working hard. Need a break! So you take out your cock and start to stroke it, stroke it. And then you say hmmm I could use some company for this. So you open a browser and click your top bookmark, Is she taking calls? Yeah! And then we’re on.

I know this week is a little wonky with my schedule and appreciate your patience. I’ve mostly been here, right? Blame my friends, especially the sexy Swiss chick Vanessa. Mmmmm I kissed her boobies last night … as she slipped a dildo inside of me … but, I digress. Oops.

Let’s get back to our hump day, shall we? I’m here for a bit longer, so whip out that dick and call your Tease Princess. I want to dominate you, now. Maybe I’ll give you a sneak peek of last night’s fun!


Guest Blogger Justin, Melanie’s Sissy Cuckold Slut

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975

A Blooming Sissy Girl

Hello. This is Melanie’s cuckold Justin. She calls me that anyway. Melanie is busy with some friends from out of town and she left me home, so I thought I would post a blog.

Her lover Mike hasn’t been over for a while and I miss him. She says she is interviewing for a new stud who lives closer. Can you believe it. I like Mike and I’ll be pissed if he disappears. He’s been around forever. But maybe he will keep seeing me even if she moves on.

Do you think he will let me suck his big dick if he can’t fuck Melanie? She can’t push whoever she wants on me. I have some pride anyway. I remember the first time she made me suck it. I had a few drinks in me or it would not have happened. He came on my face after a few times. He kept fucking my mouth and got hard right away and then he came in my mouth.

I said I’d never do it again but I did the next day and then a few days later. The fourth time Melanie wasn’t home, I just went to Mike’s place on my own. He lived down the hall. So I don’t want him to go anywhere.

Wonder what she’s planning now. I’m not gay or anything. I just love Mike’s big dick. Maybe I’m a sissy too, whatever that means.

P.S. – This is Melanie now. I approved and posted this for Justin, so don’t worry he didn’t sneak around me, lil bitch he is. Brat.


Odd Phone Sex Schedule This Week

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975Hiya sweeties! I have company this week, some friends are visiting from out of town. So I may not be around every weekday all day long, it may be here and there instead. Maybe even a few evenings instead of or in addition to my days. They are staying in a hotel and planning to sight see during the day, but I may go with them a few times. This week, it’s catch me as you can.

Let me tell you about these friends. I met them one summer in Europe, while I was in college. We all shared a room at an Austrian hostel for a few nights. Nothing kinky happened, get your mind out of the gutter! (or don’t, actually, I like you better this way ;) ). All day long we climbed the alps and drank beers. At night we roamed Salzburg and became close. I had planned to stay in that city only a few days but, because of these folks, ended up staying a week. They lived in Switzerland, so I returned with them for a visit, and then went on my way.

That was 10 years ago, wow how time flies! I haven’t seen them since. We email and Facebook and all that jazz. Two of them married, two are divorced, and one is still single - the hottest one, smoking hot Vanessa who breaks hearts across the continent. Imagine a blonde Swiss beauty, classy, educated, successful, kind and forever youthful. Dominant. Bouncing around living her life and having a ball. That’s Vanessa. I can’t wait to see her and the others. They’re flying in directly from Basel.

So, I’ll be here for you as I can, and hopefully now you understand. I hope to keep you entertained with lots of blog posts. My friends return home this weekend, so my normal weekday phone sex schedule will resume next week.


It’s Sunday and I’m Catholic

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975It’s Sunday, and I’m Catholic. But I didn’t go to church. Because it’s “amateur day” in the pews, and besides, I go almost every day to pray for your soul.

Yes, for real. You need it.

Not because you’re a stroker, and not because you’re a sinner. Let’s face it, you are definitely both. I pray for you because you are here, reading my blog. Which means you have an interest in me. Which means, quite frankly, you’re fucked.

When I started taking calls here again late last year, some of you called me in tears. You had missed me so much. It’s not just “cumming” with me. You have a special connection to me, a longing … a need. Others can fill it in here and there, but it’s just not the same, you said. Because I own you.

I don’t ask for that and never did. You can have phone sex with whomever you want, whenever you want. I do not care. But you don’t. It doesn’t fulfill you anymore. You flock to me, hand yourself over. Prostrate at my feet and beg me to save you from yourself, from a life without me in it.

It just kind of happened, you said. One call, and then two, and suddenly I am all you think about. I know when your obsession gets really bad – daily calls, sometimes multiple calls a day. And then you get demanding – who was I on the phone with before you? After you? As if I would ever tell you that.

And then, you do not sleep. Where am I, why aren’t I here? How could I have a life outside of phone sex? Outside of you?

Oh yeah, you’re fucked. This is only the beginning … you will see. And that is why I pray for your soul.

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Sadistic on a Saturday 800-356-6169And when she was good she was very very good … and when she was bad she was horrid!

Growing up, adults always told me this with wry smiles on their faces. I never knew what they meant. Now, of course, I do.

And you can, too.

I have a phone sex caller who loves to call me on Saturday, even though I’m rarely taking calls on this day. He refuses to call any other day, even though he works from home, because that would be too easy. It must be a Saturday when his wife is home too, because he sneaks into the guest bedroom and whispers into the phone. Really, really low.

Little Whisper knows how much this pisses me off. That’s why he does it – to try to push my buttons, too. This little bitch always emails me first – Mistress Melanie, she is awake, I’m calling in five minutes. Do you think she suspects??? Of course I write back Yes, she knows, women always know. And that makes the pathetic troll harder, because I suppose he likes to push her buttons, too.

So he calls. And whispers. Half of our conversation is me saying What? Huh? Because I can hardly hear a word my dear cock stroker is saying. I can, however, hear the glee in his voice as my temper mounts. The grin spreading across his face. And he always wants to do most of the talking. I just answer his questions. Questions I cannot hear.

Needless to say, by the time Little Whisper cums and gets off the phone, I am fit to be tied. Really pissed off and ready to obliterate anyone who may be fortunate to reach me during the rest of the time I’m logged in.

Sweet? No. Sadistic? Yes. So if you want me at my meanest, call on a Saturday after this little bitch.