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Cuckold Christopher’s Lesbian Wife

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975Hello, strokers. Every once in a while a caller asks me to blog not just about him, but about his girlfriend or wife. So I’ve decided  to indulge my adorable caller Christopher – this is not his real name, so you Christophers reading this blog entry do not have to panic. I always protect my callers’ privacy and only blog about them at their request or with their permission.

Anyway, Christopher calls me about once a week to vent about his wife. He says they love each other and are best friends, but their relationship is not sensual. They have sex, oh they do, about three times a week which is apparently a lot for a married couple. But in order to get her into it, he has to whisper about female body parts into her ear as they are fucking. Her moans and lift from this keep him hard just enough to make them both cum.

“Big heaving breasts.”

Tight, wet pussy.

“Soft, silky hair.”


Christopher is convinced this means his wife is a lesbian, because, he claims, she cannot get off with just his penis inside of her. It makes him feel emasculated, like he isn’t enough for her, or perhaps for any woman. My thoughts? That he feels responsible for her change in sexual preference.

You see, Christopher is the one who prefers his own gender. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :) In fact, I think it’s darling, especially since he has no clue. He claims he makes love with men to understand homosexuality, to better serve his wife. But truly, it’s the only act that keeps him hard.

His wife knows of his preference, so she fucks a real man. One who thrusts so deep and hard inside of her, she forgets what brought her there. So she keeps going.

I plan to break it to him soon … will let you know what happens.


Femdom Friday with TeasePrincess

Empress Melanie · · 800-601-6975Hey honeys! It’s Femdom Friday with TeasePrincess, and that means I get to tell you all about a certain stroker’s addiction to femdom phone sex with me. He has been begging me to make a post about him, so here goes.

His real name is B***, let’s call him Barney. Cute cock stroker Barney calls me about seven times a week, seven times! And I’m usually only here Monday through Friday, so some days he calls two or three times. His primary fantasy is just to stroke, he wants me to listen to him stroke his cock and he describes to me what he is doing. “Now I’m rubbing the head, Melanie,” and “Ohhh Melanie my hand is on my balls.”

Ok. That’s cool. And when I try to speak he says “Melanie I want to describe every inch to you, every touch!” So I listen as he works himself up more and more, rubbing and pulling and tugging until he starts yelling “OHHHH! MELANIE! IT’S SO HAARD AND POUNDING. I’M GONNA COME MELANIE! MELANIE!!!”

It’s all I can do not to fall into giggles.

This can go on for a while. Sometimes I throw in “Drink your water, Barney,” so his throat doesn’t get parched from all his whispering and yelling. “Drink up!” And he does, I hear him, and then he describes that to me too.

I’m not sure how much femdom goes on in a call like this. Although he calls himself my forever sex slave, Barney really runs the show during his calls. But we both really enjoy them, he makes my day, so here ya go Barney. I hope you get some comments and feedback about your techniques, LOL.


Throwback Thursday – Friend or Frenemy? 800-356-6169Five years ago I wrote a fanfuckingtastic post called Your Penis, Friend or Frenemy? Even today I laugh when I read it. Do you know what a frenemy is? Someone who pretends to be your friend but is really your enemy. Now, why would your penis fit such a description?

The post linked above explains in detail. And I hope you phone sex aficionados who read it back then took heed. It would be a shame if all these years since, you still felt the penis you so chronically stroke is your friend. Just think about all the minutes, hours and days that thing has kept your attention since 2009 – what could you have done with that time? Think of the possibilities.

Well that was the gist of the post. But it doesn’t matter. You will still stroke your cock every chance you get. You will still love to do it while I encourage you on the phone, and you will still line up to wait for me. But I would still love to know how much time you think you have spent masturbating again and again since that post five years ago. I’m sure it’s a lot.

If you need a distraction from the usual today, why not take the advice I offer in my picture, and get your ass spanked or fucked. Mmmmm. I have a paddle, a strap-on cock, and my hand all waiting to help you get your mind off things. You can pick which ones we use and it will give your poor hand a break from all the stroking.


Autumn Ardor Amazes Amelia

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Who is Amelia, and why does Autumn amaze her? Amelia is my newest sissy, she is brand new because she first put on a sexy outfit last week. Last week!

Amelia is a virgin, at least she was. She has been IMing with me for a while, demanding me to train her to be a girl. Of course I am thrilled to do so but not in IMs when I didn’t even know her, so she became very bratty and insisting. She even tried IMing pics and links of dresses she wanted me to look at for her. When I told her she had to have a call or email session with me for proper training, ohhhh my goodness she started screaming and crying, so hard I was certain she was not truly an adult and so I blocked her, as we must when such a situation arises.

Lo and behold, imagine my surprise when later that day, once I was available again, my phone rang and I heard “Hello Princess Melanie this is your sissy Amelia,” in a meek and shaky voice. I laughed sooooo hard!

It was a fun two-hour phone sex call, without the sex as Amelia was desperate for strict sissy training. I asked her why she is suddenly a sissy, and she said it happened Labor Day. When she knew summer had ended she just HAD to put on panties and a skirt. And then she ran out and bought some heels. She said the more leaves that fall, the more she wants to dress. And then she begged and pleaded for me to unblock her IMs.

But no, not yet. Amelia’s sissy training has just begun and she is still far too petulant for freedom like that. I’ll keep you posted on her progress.


Thank You from TeasePrincess

“Hagebutte 2008-2-9″ by Hedwig Storch – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

I’m thrilled so many of you appreciated my last blog post, “Stroke This Way.” I always feel gratified when you call for phone sex wanting to try something new with me based on a blog post here at TeasePrincess. I put a lot of time and effort into writing all of my own blog posts (with the exception of very occasional guest bloggers who are credited as such) and my words here come from my heart. So, when they sing to you, this makes me very happy! I truly appreciate your feedback and your joyous use of the word “splatter” while you stroke your cock.

I also want to thank you for a wonderful summer of calls! You know, I have been back and forth during my years here at Enchantrix Empire. I’ve traveled, taken time away, moved, explored different things, yet you have stuck with me. This means more than you may know. Yes, I can be a real bitch, but I’m also a softie for lots of things, especially loyalty. NOT exclusivity, I don’t care who else you speak with, as you know. But loyalty rocks. So … thanks guys :)

I have a question – do your kinks change in Autumn? For those of us who are not fond of the term “kink,” let me ask this – how do your urges change with the seasons? Mine become more intimate with cooler weather. I want to snuggle more, cuddle up next to you and let you warm me. Mmmm thinking about that now. With a paddle in my hand, hehe, some things never change.